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Navy Seaport – e

Past Performance

Functional Service Area 12 – Information System Development (IS), Information Assurance (IA) and Information Technology (IT) Support

  • Executive Office of the President- Information Assurance Security Support Services (IAS3) (01/09 – Present)
  • Department of Education - Cyber Security Infrastructure Discovery and Analysis (09/10 – Present)
  • Department of Interior - ST&E Support Services (6/07-Present)

Functional Service Area 18 – Training Support

  • National Institutes of Health Training Center - NIH Training Center Computer Support Services (10/07-Present)
  • Health and Human Services University - Health and Human Services University, e-Learning (11/03-04/10)

Functional Service Area 20 - Program Support

  • US Department of Housing and Urban Development , Office of the Chief Procurement Officer - OCPO Acquisition Support Services (09/09-12/10)
  • Center for Disease Control - CIMS Feasibility Study, Acquisition Management Support Services, and SharePoint Enhancement and Modification Services (03/11-present)

Functional Area 21 - Administrative Support

  • Department of Education, Office of Management Security Services - Professional Security Services – (08/08-08/09)
  • US Department of Justice, Justice Management Division - Telephone Operator Support Services for DOJ – (10/05-03/11)

Quality Assurance Program Description
Our detailed Quality Assurance Program (QAP) provides quality planning, continuous supervision, and immediate review of activities for accuracy and completeness. It describes the approach, processes, and controls for ensuring quality services, such as work inspections, documentation, and corrective actions. As our goal is to identify issues early before they become problems, we base our QAP on well-recognized QA management principles and procedures, thus enabling prompt corrective action. NucoreVision will develop, implement, tailor, and maintain a QAP to support the Navy Seaport-e Task Orders with procedures for quality, integrity, professionalism, efficiency, and confidentiality of delivered services, focusing on:

  • Providing quality leadership, personal involvement, and long-term commitment for meeting the requirements of Seaport-e
  • Setting clear quality goals and focusing on Seaport-e Task Orders contract success, to promote high levels of quality and performance
  • Expecting each team member to assume responsibility for the quality of services provided to Seaport-e
  • Providing quality training and education for our personnel.

Task Orders

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Points of Contact

If you have any questions regarding the Seaport-e Program please contact:
Jacqueline Hudson
301.577.3999 x 231

If you have any questions regarding customer satisfaction please contact:
Lynn McFail

Teaming Partners

No present Teaming Partners