What NucoreVision Can Do For You

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NucoreVision provides a full range of services within our three primary groupings:

  • Cyber Security Services
  • Enterprise Application Development
  • IT Project Management and Consulting
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NVI Leverages Technology to Support Collaboration while ensuring assets are both accessible to legitimate users and safeguarded from improper access is challenging. Evolving technologies generate potential vulnerabilities as rapidly as they provide new solutions and options; however, at the heart of technology is people. NVI understands that cultivating workforce awareness, skills and addressing the organizational culture of our customers is key to devising and implementing technical solutions and critical to cultivating secure operating environments.

NVI Facilitates Innovation and Communication to ensure our clients remain connected to their organizations even when the demands of a distributed workforce, multiple work centers or remote locations pose challenges, NVI’s technologists assist with connectivity, networking, conference solutions, distributed learning environments and security conscious solutions to support all members of the enterprise and those they serve. Our personnel overcome obstacles through the provision of inter-operative solutions and system interfaces, while our technicians devise strategies to integrate new technology with legacy systems.

NVI Delivers for Our Customers. Service delivery and customer management is conducted by technical managers embedded in our product delivery process. NVI employs technical specialists in leadership positions and encourages reach across projects to generate solutions and get the job done. NVI minimizes supervisory layers to provide greater flexibility, improve project oversight, increase accountability and improve service delivery metrics.

NVI Designs Security from the Ground Up comes from our growth from a traditional information technology sector firm to our transition to the Cyber arena. Our roots are in network design, application development, internet applications, training development, hardware provisioning, and help desk operations. We learned the enterprise from the ground up and have utilized this experience to consider security issues during every phase of planning, development, implementation and maintenance. NVI feels the strongest security defense is an educated workforce, committed to security best practices, who do their jobs thoroughly and well. NVI technical specialists build carefully with an awareness of current threats and a deep understanding of the risk profiles of each technology employed in a solution. Our processes include test protocols which target potential defects or vulnerabilities and points of failure early in the development process. Our security personnel work with developers and stakeholders to identify and manage risk during and after development, devise continuous monitoring strategies, devise key metrics, ensure regulatory compliance, and mitigate risk.

IT Governance Best Practices provide the context for all of NVI’s projects, connecting our technical efforts to our clients’ organizational mission, strategic goals and providing the metrics for project success. Generating data-driven analytics for decision makers is fundamental to ensuring positive outcomes and providing accountability for project activities. NVI supports our clients’ investment in their enterprise through providing the information necessary to make considered decisions and cultivate the highest possible return on their investment. Sound stewardship is a key role for all government managers and our process metrics facilitate cost control and responsible resource decisions for senior leadership.

Often it can be difficult to know where to begin, let us help start the conversation.

In addition to our primary service areas, we offer a number of ‘a la carte’ services to clients and potential clients who are deciding how to address issues or identify strategies for their organization. These options are an opportunity to get to know our team, our strengths and to see how we can be of service to your organization.

Schedule a Brain Storming Session or Facilitation:

A good way to start getting a handle on issues that may be hard to pin down can be a structured or facilitated brain storming session. Let NVI assemble a group of our team members to sit across from your key stakeholders to help get moving on a strategy. This can be helpful in capturing preliminary project requirements, identifying resources, or simply getting an additional perspective.

Schedule an Individualized Needs Assessment:

Organizations often know they have a need but struggle to define and quantify it. Internal resources are often over committed and performing an internal needs assessment may be difficult to arrange...hence it will be delayed while the issue grows. Call us to schedule a team to perform an issue related needs assessment. Our team will supply interviewers, generate data collection instruments for your topic, develop surveys, collect and collate data. NVI can review with stakeholders and suggest logical next steps while identifying trends in the data collected.


  • Innovative to the Core. (NVI) develops and deploys IT services and solutions for federal and municipal government agencies, non-profit and commercial organizations worldwide. Established in 1996, we serve clients in a wide range of agencies, including military and civilian Cabinet-level departments.

Contract Info

  • GSA 8(a) STARS II Competitive & Sole Source, Navy Seaport-e, GSA Schedule 70, MD CATS +, Smithsonian OCIO IT Security Services IDIQ, Peace Corps IT Professional Services BPA, Maryland MDOT MBE, Prince Georges County MBE
  • Top Secret Facility Clearance


  • NAICS CODES: 541511, 541512, 541513, 541519, 541611, 61210, 518210, 519190
  • CAGE CODE: 1S6H1
  • DUNS NUMBER: 090742586