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Cybersecurity is more than technology, it’s about protecting organizational reputations, achieving mission objectives, and safeguarding critical personal and business information assets against ever increasing cybersecurity threats. NVI protects and serves the government, the intelligence community, and government contractors who must adhere to federal cyber security standards.

Our experienced cybersecurity professionals are technical experts who serve as trusted advisors to identify and manage risk, as well as deliver continuous cybersecurity assurance for our customers. NVI leverages our demonstrated methodologies and business aligned processes to ensure cybersecurity is part of an organizations lifecycle approach.

Our mission is to serve each customer by identifying their business needs, creating partnerships, and leveraging technology to improve organizational effectiveness and provide overall value through our people, passion, professionalism, and performance.

Our government Cybersecurity offerings include:

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It is NVI’s goal to instill a culture of risk management. NVI aims to assist our government clients in avoiding and reducing unexpected loss through judicious risk management by instilling a proactive and structured approach to IT risk management, minimize IT-related risks, and maximize the benefits of technology.

NVI provides risk management expertise to our federal customers through the following services:

  • Risk Management Framework Process
  • Risk Assessments
  • FISMA Security Assessments & Authorization (SA&A)
  • FedRAMP Readiness Assessment / Consulting
  • Security Control Assessments (SCA)
  • Continuous Monitoring Program
  • POA&M Support
  • ISSO Support
  • Vulnerability Management (i.e., network, database, and application)
  • Third-Party & Vendor Risk Assessment
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NucoreVision staff will conduct a network and/or application vulnerability assessments as well as network and/or application penetration tests that meet the requirements as specified under OMB Circular A-130, NIST SP 800-37, NIST SP 800-27, NIST SP 800-53, etc.

NVI Cybersecurity experts provide penetration testing & ethical hacking support services to our federal clients. During the penetration testing engagement, we assist our federal clients in uncovering critical issues and/or vulnerabilities that could be exploited. We provide our federal clients with detailed analysis of how the vulnerability can be exploited and what steps can be taken to remediate the vulnerability. Penetration testing helps our federal customers to reduce their risk of a data breach and become more proactive thru threat management.

NVI provides penetration testing and ethical hacking expertise to our federal customers through the following services:

  • Black Box
  • Gray Box
  • White Box
  • Red Box
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Government customers today face an unprecedented number of exposures. The frequency and severity of weather-related events seem to be increasing and reliance on a complex network of technology is expanding. Both trends leave government customers susceptible to a variety of existing and emerging risks. NVI helps federal agencies managed these risks by developing a comprehensive business resumption strategy. NVI provides Business Resumption expertise to our federal customers through the following services: Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Business Continuity Support, and Disaster Recovery Support.

NucoreVision staff develops process guidelines and deliverables based on industry standards such as: DRI International, FEMA 141, Emergency Management Guide for Business and Industry, NIST SP 800-34, Contingency Planning Guide for Information Technology Systems, etc. A cost of an outage due to a disaster can range from thousands of dollars to over a million dollars an hour depending on the revenue loss and type of disaster. In addition, regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) require a recovery strategy. Our staff develops and conducts Business Impact Analysis (BIA); develops Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP) / Business Continuity Plan (BCP); develops Contingency Plans / Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP); tests business resumption process to include test plans and lessons learned reports. Testing includes: table top exercises, simulated exercises, operational exercises, mock disasters, and full rehearsals.

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NVI provide Cybersecurity Operations support to our government customers. We assist them with developing, implementing, and maintaining the processes, technologies, and methodologies to defend against and respond to emerging Cybersecurity threats. NVI team assist our federal clients in protecting critical data and IT assets by gaining a thorough understanding of their current architecture and mapping that to current threats and issues that may affect their organization. This includes assisting our federal clients in identifying and mitigating the known vulnerabilities that may be exploited, as well as reducing the risk and damage profile of an attack.

NVI provides security operations expertise to our federal customers through the following services:

  • Security Operations Center (SOC) Support
  • Incident Response
  • Computer / Intrusion Forensics Support
  • Insider Threat Prevention and Detection
  • Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence
  • Security Engineering
  • Security Lifecycle Management
  • Security Architecture
  • Application Coding Best Practices
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NVI’s Cybersecurity governance services focus on assisting our federal customers with defining and implementing processes, policies, and technologies. We assist our federal customers to achieve, track, and maintain their compliance with federal mandates (i.e., ensuring compliance with laws, regulations, and an organization’s internal policies and directives).

NVI’s Cybersecurity governance experts have in-depth knowledge and experience in providing the following types of governance services:

  • Cybersecurity Strategic Planning
  • Cybersecurity Policies, Standards &Procedures
  • Security Program Management
  • Cybersecurity Program Metrics
  • Cybersecurity Program Communication
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NucoreVision Information Assurance (IA) and consulting services include: Certification and Accreditation (C&A) support; DITSCAP/DIACAP/NIACAP support; CISO, ISSO, ISSM program and policy development support; Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) support; FISMA and FISCAM program support; Network and/or Application vulnerability assessment support; security awareness & training support; incident response team support; business recovery support, and security architecture assessment and implementation support.

NucoreVision staff will assist our federal clients in meeting their regulatory and compliance requirements by addressing the confidentiality, integrity, and availability needs for their information systems. NucoreVision provides the following services to our federal clients:

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NucoreVision assists clients in conducting C&A of applications and general support systems. NucoreVision staff follows NIST SP 800-37, NIST SP-800-53, FISMA, and agency-specific C&A process guidelines. As part of conducting a C&A for federal clients, NucoreVision staff will conduct on-site data collection activities, scan services and applications looking for known vulnerabilities, conduct security assessment activities and develop the following deliverables: C&A Plan; System Security Plan (SSP); Risk Assessment; Security Assessment Test Plan; Security Assessment Test Report; IT Contingency Plan; Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA); Transmittal Letter; and Accreditation Decision Letter. In addition, NucoreVision staff can assist our federal clients in updating internal C&A process to meet the new NIST SP 800-37 requirements.

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Computer Information Security Officer (CISO), Senior Agency Information Security Officer (SAISO), Information System Security Officer (ISSO), Information System Security Manager (ISSM) Program and Policy: NucoreVision staff will provide assistance in the development, update and/or maintenance of information security program and policies, standards, and procedures. We work closely with the CISO, SAISO, ISSO, ISSM, and any other pertinent staff to ensure that the documentation developed meets the organizational needs. NucoreVision can also assist a federal agency in developing hardening and configuration guidelines. Finally, NucoreVision staff will work closely with the CISO, SAISO, ISSO, ISSM in developing a 1-5 year strategic program plan to ensure that the federal organization has a plan in place to address known regulatory requirements as well as understanding what new requirements are being developed by entities such as NIST, OMB, etc.

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NucoreVision can provide assistance in conducting and updating the annual program review and developing the report that must be submitted to OMB. As part of this service, our staff work closely with CISO, ISSM, ISSO, and OIG to ensure appropriate data has been captured in regards to how the federal agency has done in being in compliance with regulatory requirements. The reports will include the quarterly and annual report.

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NucoreVision staff will provide assistance in developing and delivering security awareness & training support to a federal agency. The training material, NucoreVision staff can develop includes end user (general user), management, ISSO / ISSM / CISO, and technical support staff.

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NucoreVision staff has the experience to assist our federal clients in developing policies and procedures as well as assist in developing and staffing an agency-wide incident response team. As part of this process, NucoreVision staff assists clients in first establishing a strong working relationship with internal investigative teams, other incident response teams, and outside investigative agencies. NucoreVision staff can develop incident tracking databases as well as detailed incident response forms that will be completed as part of every incident reported to the incident response team.

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NucoreVision staff can assist federal agencies in determining what security architecture requirements are in place and needed and then will assist in evaluating, selecting, and implementing information security controls and devices (i.e., appropriate placement of firewalls, network and host-based intrusion detection systems, etc.). In addition, our staff can provide security software / hardware integration or support services to our customers. NucoreVision staff is vendor neutral and therefore will provide recommendations to our clients for security architecture devices and/or tools that meet our client unique needs and are cost effective in addressing those needs.


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